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Blue Pitbull Puppies For Sale


Finding the best Blue Pitbull puppies for sale can be difficult, but there are definitely a few tips that will make your search easier. Remember that although there are tons of Blue Pitbull kennels in the South, you should only buy your puppies from responsible breeders like us. Here at Young Blue Kennels, we believe that breeding pitbulls in a humane fashion that respects each individual dog is critical to raising animals that respect their human owners in return.


Good temperament comes from good breeding. Dogs take after people, and all the horror stories we've ever heard about ill-tempered pitbulls usually had one thing in common. They also involved some of the evillest-tempered humans to own dogs. Mean breeders who underfeed their dogs or exercise them to build muscle mass when they're way too young produce animals who have a distinctly negative outlook on the world. Even simple mistreatment like housing too many animals in a space that isn't able to accommodate their needs for physical and personal space results in dogs that see humans as antagonists rather than potential friends.


Sure, you may be looking for Blue Pitbull puppies for sale because you want to raise a good guard dog, but that doesn't mean they have to grow up in rough backgrounds. The best guard dogs are those who came from friendly homes and caring Blue Pitbull breeders like us. It's not hard to figure out, but for those who don't already know, puppies from friendly Blue Pitbull kennels develop more intimate first relationships with humans. When they come into your home, they're able to adjust to your family easier and grow up as if they were always a member of the group. In the end, taking good care of puppies during initial breeding means that they'll be more apt to protect and take care of their eventual owners.


At Young Blue Kennels, we set ourselves apart from most breeders by insisting that you sign a puppy contract. This gives us the peace of mind that only comes from knowing you're not going to make your dog fight or perform inhumane stunts. It also lets you know that any dog you pick from our selection of Blue Pitbull puppies for sale has visited a state-licensed veterinarian and obtained a clean bill of health. Even if you don't buy your puppy here, make sure that you find a kennel that offers these features at a minimum.



"Young's Joker" X "Young Molly"


Puppies are due June 4, 2017!! Go to the "Pups For Sale" tab to reserve your puppy today!!


I am located in Mobile, AL. The only pitbulls bred at young blue kennels are going to be the biggest and bulliest that can be found! Any pitbull you see on this website will have an excellent temperament as well as great genetics. You will be guaranteed a quality massive pitbull when you get a young blue puppy!

The majority of the bloodlines that you will see coming out of my kennel are different variations of Gotti. Although my puppies may have other bloodlines mixed in, they are going to be predominately Gotti. The other blood lines have been mixed in to give the pit bulls a better size, density, and all around great personality. These pits are bred in the effort to produce the biggest and best blue nose pits. None of the pitbulls in my kennel are ill-tempered, but all of them are excellent guard dogs as well as family pets. Every puppy that leaves this kennel will have the potential to be whatever its owner wants from it. I in no way condone dog fighting and I will not sell any puppies to a fighter. That is simply the bottom line! 

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My name is David and you can visit my contacts page to learn how to speak directly with me with any questions you may have.




Blue Pitbull Puppies For Sale


Blue Pitbull Puppies


Pitbull Puppies





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